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30" x 30"

Encaustic on Birch Wood

1" Cradle Board

I Am Strong.

SKU: 1123
    Cover the encaustic surface with wax paper during transport or shipping, followed by a layer of bubble wrap. Then, ship as usual with protective packing material. Extra care should be taken to protect the sides of the painting when an encaustic surface extends to the edges of the piece.

    Although encaustic paintings are very archival, they should be carefully handled to avoid scratching the surface. As with all fine art forms, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures – they will thrive in temperatures between 35 and 125 degrees F. Wax will melt at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. NEVER leave encaustic work inside a car, outdoors in the sun, or freezing conditions.

    The surface will appear slightly dull and cloudy shortly after an encaustic painting is finished. This is the natural process of the wax out-gassing and curing. Allow about three months to cure fully. To remove this dullness and give the encaustic surface a beautiful glossy and transparent surface, gently buff the surface with a soft, dry, lint-free, clean cloth.

    Encaustic paintings are the most durable and have outlasted others for thousands of years. Evidence of this can be seen in the Faiyum mummy portraits, which are over 2500 years old. Excavation of ancient encaustic paintings has shown no mold, cracking, flaking, or fading. This is because, unlike other mediums, encaustic paintings are resistant to moisture, acid, and mold.

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