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Artist Statement

Having worked with various media and subjects, I have found my true passion in encaustic wax. This unique medium offers me the perfect balance between precision and freedom; I can manipulate the wax in a sculptural and painterly way. My art is imbued with energy and a sense of movement that comes from the shifting and melting of the wax. Each piece is a journey, a moment captured in time and space. I invite you to enter my world and experience the beauty of encaustic wax.

Color is a significant component of my work; I thrive on the challenges of its subtleties, possibilities, and limitless articulating message. The correct symmetry of colors can create a lovely involvement with the viewer to lean in. Tension is a powerful component of my work; it stirs surface and deep emotions, fulfilling viewers with newfound insight and awareness. I actively strive to generate a diverse reaction for all viewers by constructing a broad range of experiences that balance order and chaos, light and dark. I accomplish this through contrasting colors, conscious movement of elements, and the dissimilarity of shapes.

My art aims to find a way to express a vision without being literal; I explore form, shape, and color to invoke emotion. As an artist, I love abstraction due to its meditative qualities, one of its most significant benefits being an insight into my own life and nature.

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