Artist Statement

Encaustic Painting with Torch

Throughout my career I have worked with a large variety of media and subject matter. It has been encaustic wax, however, that has brought me to a new level of discovery in my journey as an artist. The inherently abstract nature of this media, with its diverse character and individuality, is the perfect medium to capture unexpected concepts and ideas.

The purpose of my art is to find a way to express a vision without being literal; I explore form, shape and color and manipulate the media until I invoke emotion.

Color is a significant component of my work; I thrive on the challenges of its subtleties, possibilities, and limitless articulating message. The correct symmetry of colors can create a lovely involvement that beckons all who draw near.

Tension, as well, is a powerful component of my work. Tension stirs both surface and deep emotions, rewarding all viewers with newfound insight and awareness. This is accomplished through contrasting colors, calculated movement of elements and the dissimilarity of shapes. I actively strive to generate a diverse reaction for all viewers by purposefully constructing a broad range of experience that hones a balance between both order and chaos, light and dark.

As an artist, I am particularly drawn to abstraction due to its meditative qualities – one of its greatest benefits being insight into the nature of self.